BE part of the WHOLE and experience ONENESS

To be or not to be

Everyone has heard those words written by William Shakespeare? 4 short one syllable words but such an important message.

To     Be     Or     Not     To     Be

When I started to write my book on self improvement I discussed the choice of title with many people. One person I talked to was my friend Rüdiger. Rüdiger is a real philosopher. After I told him about the content of the book he said there is only one title possible and that is

To     be     or      not    to      be

That gave me a lot of food for thought. What does it mean to be?

To be alive, to be you, to be happy or just to be

These days we hardly stop – just to be. In todays fast moving world TO BE has become difficult. Stillness seems to scare us so we turn on the radio, tv or computer. But to just be is all important to our well being.

Have you ever felt that oneness with nature when you walk through a forest? I felt that after my father passed away.

Nothing seemed to matters anymore.  All problems were unimportant. I just was – I was one with nature, I was one with the universe. It’s an incredible feeling because it gives you 100 % focus and peace of mind.

I imagine each and every one of you has had such experiences. Might not be from the same things, they might be few and far between, but If we want to, we can always go back to that precise moment.

Having fun in the snowMy friends have seen me ski down a slope in Sierra Nevada with my arms wide open screaming out of pure joy. I have silently cried into my diving mask watching a near 8 m Manta Ray swim gracefully above me. I have never seen so much beauty and serenity.

It is not important what circumstances make us feel that we are truly part of the whole. What matters is that we have had those moments and that we are aware  that we can always go back. The feeling is not only in our memory. It is in every cell of our body and we can call it back and again – be – just for a moment – one with God, one with nature, one with the universe.

To be or not to be – that choice is truly yours!

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