…are powerful!

…are passionate!

…are successful!

Yet you long for ‘something more’…

and something more is possible. You are in the right place. That is what I’ve specialized in: 
Helping you bring the best out in you. You already are more powerful than you think. 

In the last 7 years I have coached people from all walks of lives, nationalities, culture zones and age groups from CEOs to housewives, from bestselling authors to reknown public speakers. All were looking for ‘something more…’ and through the purpose coaching found their true passion and purpose. My clients create miracles on a regular basis! Their lives change in more ways than they thought possible.

All of my clients meet three simple criteria: they want a sense of inspiration, they are fun and they are committed to get results. None of my clients ‘need’ me. They work with me because they are ready for their ‘somehing more”, for the next, even higher phase of their life. Powerful women work with me because they are now ready to fly. Powerful men work with me because they are ready to face their biggest fears and move on from there for good.  They understand the power of having a coach who truly sees their brilliance, yet refuses to buy into their story.This is really powerful and just what you need to find your ‘something more’.

Are you aware that most people die with their song still inside them?

But not my clients! 

The more successful you become, the higher you rise, the less people around you are willing to tell you what you really need to hear. Your family and friends love you – so they want you to stay ‘safe’, just as your subconscious does.

Your coach is often the only person who is not trying to please you. All I am interested in is to get you breakthrough results. I promise not to sugar coat anything. I promise not to let your fears hold you back. I promise not to believe your ‘dramas’. And I  promise not to buy into your BS. I’ll tell you how it is, even if it feels uncomfortable at times. I’ll say what few people in your world are bold enough to say. And I’ll do that from an authentic, caring and vulnerable place – always with the intention of giving you new perspectives and more and better choices.

I take a maximum of 10 new clients per year.  My clients stay with me anywhere between 3 months to several years.

My coaching is not from a template. It is highly personalized and not for everyone.

It is tailor-made for YOU – the client. 

Now we can focus on the miracle YOU would love to create!

If you are world-class or are ready to be, click here to get the questionnaire so we can make an appointment. (Only for 1:1 clients)

Why coaching works

Coaching works because the coach is not involved in your life’s drama and has therefor a fresh perspective.

Coaching works because a good coach stays detached and can see different options.

Coaching works because a good coach will help you find your own answers to life’s questions.

“Advice is judged by results, not by intention.”

– Cicero

I will second that thought by Cicero. Hopefully by now you know me well enough to know that everything I do is aimed at helping YOU succeed; is aimed at helping YOU lead a free and happy life and that I always try to make it as fast, as easy, and as painless as possible 🙂 Isn’t it weird that we are afraid of change and rather stay stuck in a situation that is unpleasant and sometimes even downright painful (i.e. abusive relationships, jobs we hate, obesity etc.)? Why is that? In most cases it is because the known seems easier to cope with than the (yet) unknown. But how can something that is really painful seem easier than moving towards a happier, more fulfilled life, you may ask.  It is because what we have right now is “secure”, it’s here and we did not fall into it overnight. We got ourselves into the situation over time until it became our truth, our “comfort zone” – no matter how uncomfortable it might be. A good coach will be able to pinpoint that very quickly and has an arsenal of tools that can move you out of the situation and onto a path of a happier and easier life.I have many cases where this happened with just one or two sessions. My question is: Do you want to continue on your path of discontent, frustration and in some cases downright suffering or are you willing to take charge of your life TODAY? If you want some changes consider getting some coaching that will help you get out of the rut you are in and get you on a better path to a happier future. The choice as always is yours!

Ask yourself where you will be 5 or 10 years from today if you keep doing what you have been doing?

Will that satisfy you?

Is it what you want your life to look like?

If not, take action and contact me. In most cases it only takes a few sessions to get you on your way. Or do you want to continue as you are? It’s your choice. If you want to get unstuck, if you want to move foward to a better future, get in touch with me today. Send me an email with your request so we can setup a FREE discovery session to see if we are a good fit.  Do not wait until it is too late! Do not wait until it really hurts!

Do not wait for it to get better, instead take action and make it better!

Your life is in your hands!

Make sure this is the life you truly want If not – take action now and contact me. I offer three options in coaching:

TO BE Success Coaching – only 97 US$/month

In this group coaching program we meet once a week online and I  take you step by step towards your amazing future. In this coaching we address all the challenges and emotional hang ups you might have and discuss how you can overcome them. I will give you tools and techniques that you can use for the rest of your life.

TO BE Inner Circle Mentoring and Coaching – only 247 US$/month

Inner Circle Mentoring and Coaching is very individual as we are a working very closely together on fulfilling your dreams. In this intimate group you have direct access to me during our weekly sessions. What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring? Coaching helps you find your own answers and holds you accountable while you put them into action thus creating new and better results. Mentoring is more like a consultation done by someone who has been there, done it and helps you do it do too. Mentoring is advice, coaching is guidance. In the inner circle mentoring and coaching club you will get both.

TO BE Elite 1 to 1 Coaching –  970 US$ per month

Elite Coaching is one-on-one coaching directly with me. We meet 3 times a month and whenever necessary. Meeting times are arranged between us and taken as per agreement. Apart from that you have direct email access to me plus an emergency number.  For further details, please contact me through the contact page. I look forward to working with you. Barbara The PURPOSE Finder

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