To be or not to be -
the choice is YOURS!

Barbara Hofmeister, a world renowned life coach, will guide you through this book to living a life of real passion and purpose. In her laid-back attitude, she imparts profound insights and practical techniques that, if implemented, will have a significant influence on your life! This isn't a textbook. It's effective!

TO BE - Inspired!
1001 Inspirational Quotes

Do you ever have those days when you don't want to leave your bed? You're not on your own! Everyone have difficult days, but don't let them stop you from achieving your goals. On those days when you're feeling down, read this book for words of wisdom and inspiration from humanity's greats.

Book Reviews

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"I'm reading and working through this book and really appreciating it. It's lighting the drive inside me that I've let be muffled for too long. Just what I needed! I'm even finding it rather addictive to work through instead of just getting distracted and leaving it, which is so easy to do amidst a busy life."
"This book has been a genuine motivation to me since I can identify to Barbara's experiences and we have a lot in common. This book will be a terrific companion for me everywhere I travel, and it will be a classic among my bookshelf!"
"You will not be able to stay untouched as Barbara has a way reaching deep inside of you so that you can rediscover your hidden dreams and – if you so choose live your life’s true purpose."